Solving Subflooring Moisture Problems
We love our great state of Louisiana, however, say a few words under our breath about the humidity of our climate. We all have to take the good with the bad and part of the bad is the moisture saturated ground. It can cause havoc on our floors and sub floor of our homes.
First, understanding that a factor of water problems is moist air vapor. This type of air vapor can cause damage to your floors that you don’t even realize that is taking place. Moist air vapor slowly causes damage as the wood absorbs the moisture a little at a time over longer periods of time. A floor can perform well for years and then experience seasonal cupping. This occurs in warm climates like ours here in Southern Louisiana. Air intrusion below our home, in moist crawl spaces cause moisture problems. The question is there a proven method of solving sub floor moisture problems. Fortunately, yes there is… it is call closed cell spray foam insulation. And yes, we are talking insulation. Polyurethane spray foam actually seals as it is applied to the sub flooring. It’s name say it all, closed cell. The cells of the polyruethane are closed to prevent air and moisture from penetrating the spray foam. This give it a stronger R value do to the vapor barrier it creates. The benefiting factor with closed cell that it also prevents moisture from penetrating it.
It works so well that FEMA now recommends it as a flood damage prevention measure. It is encouraging homeowners who are repairing flood damaged homes to also include flood prevention measure in the repair process. A product that prevents water damage stands no chance against slow process of damage cause by moist air vapor.