Cure Floor Cupping and Buckling at the Source
Moisture and floors don’t mix. The damage that moisture causes on floor is frustrating and costly because unless you solve the problem at the source, it will occur again. In addition, to the costly repairs there is a greater cost risk, your health. Breathing in musty, moldy air can put your health in jeopardy. It is in your best interest to cure floor cupping and buckling at the source of the problem.
Other than moving your house to dryer land and a less hot humid climate, for Southern Louisianians, the cure for sub floor moisture is to seal the sub floor. If your problem is just moisture, hear what FEMA has to say about water damage prevention. They recommend closed cell spray foam insulation as a preventive measure. If closed cell insulation prevents water damage from flooding, it prevent moisture damage to your sub floor in our Louisiana moisture ladden ground.
For homeowners, this is revolutionary because not only is there a solution to musty, mold sub floor, it also increases your heating and cooling efficiency of your home. Now that is a win win cost saving measure all around.
Cupping floor damage is different from buckling floor due to water damage. The results are the same; damaged floors. Water damage to the floor will occur in a shorter period of time. When cupping occurs from excessive air moisture, the damage may take an extended period of time to show up. It is a slow process as the wood gradually absorbs moisture repeatedly over time. Once there is a point of saturation, then cupping will develop. This is seen in warm, humid climates. One homeowner had the his floor installed with no problems for a year and a half, then the floor suffered a serious failure within the period of a few weeks and had to be replaced.
The source of moisture vapor can be difficult to find. In warm climates, air intrusion below a temperature controlled space, moist crawl spaces or inappropriately sized air conditioners can all cause moisture problems.
Smart homeowners are doing more then just curing floor cupping by replacing the floor. They are seeking solutions to prevent the moisture damage at the source of the problem. Closed cell spray foam insulation does the job and does it well.
Closed cell spray foam insulation seals your sub floor prevent moisture ladden air vapors from penetrating your interior flooring. This means that once your replace your interior floor, it will not have to be replaced until you are remodeling or (hopefully not) direct water damage from a broken pipe or flooding.
Closed cell insulation will make your interior air free from the musty and mold ladden air that seeps into a home without a subfloor moisture barrier.