A family’s home and finances ravaged by moisture damage

After making payments on his father’s home since his death in 1992, Corey Serigny and his wife finally decided to purchase the house in 1997. They made the family home their own, refinancing the mortgage in order to make improvements, including replacing the old floors.

The home that should have given the family a sense of security and comfort became a cause for stress when the economy and the climate took a turn for the worse in the 2000s. An unstable oil industry resulted in a string of painful pay cuts for Serigny, who works in the oilfields in Port Fourchon.

To add insult to injury, rainier seasons resulted in increased moisture in their home. Serigny was forced to refinance again to replace the floors of his family home just seven years after putting them in.

Serigny’s carpenters recommended that he put in treated wood and forego a moisture barrier between the flooring and subfloor. In theory, this would allow moisture to dissipate into the air, preventing future buckling. In a mere three months of rainy Louisiana days, however, the floors were already in need of additional repair due to condensation, wood rot, and floor buckling.

The state’s most licensed contractor offers a moisture-damage solution

In a state of justifiable frustration, Serigny began searching for a permanent solution to his home’s moisture problems. In what he described as “blind faith,” he reached out to the moisture prevention and insulation experts at Sunlight Contractors. Corey Yates, Sunlight’s insulation and moisture-control expert and Louisiana’s most licensed contractor, assessed the situation and drafted a new proposal for Serigny that would prevent moisture-related problems long-term.

The Sunlight Contractors team began by thoroughly cleaning and airing out the sub-flooring of the water-damaged home. Afterwards, they applied two heavy coats of Sherwin Williams’ Water-Blocking Primer and Finish at a reduced cost to Serigny, whom they could easily sympathize with.

Next, the team installed 1,727 square feet of Gaco Western’s 183M Class A, fire-rated closed cell spray foam at a thickness of 2 inches. The spray polyurethane foam fills all of the voids, gaps, and odd-shaped cavities in crawl spaces and within exterior walls, completely enveloping the home with moisture-proof protection. Even the cracks and seams around pipes, wires, and cross-bridging are sealed against moisture and air leakage by closed cell spray foam’s air barrier system.

In addition to the value that spray foam provides as a moisture-blocker, it also reduces noise pollution and vastly improves heating and cooling costs through its far superior R-value.

A cooler, drier, healthier, happier home with spray foam insulation

Now, Serigny’s floors are high and dry while his utility bills are low. By eliminating the moisture-problem, he’s done more than secure his home from future water-damage, however. He’s also improved his family’s quality of life. Spray foam insulation helps to prevent mold, mildew, and other pollutants that make family’s sick, and Corey is already able to tell the difference in his home’s comfort level! Within a day, his house, which is subject to Louisiana’s hot, humid summer climate, was already several degrees cooler.

Would Serigny recommend Sunlight Contractors to other southern Louisiana homeowners in his situation? He had this to say, “When choosing out of the many contractors who install spray on insulation, their certifications were above the rest! They are a joy to deal with and definitely knows the business. You will not be unsatisfied with these people!”