A cold Covington home in need of air sealing and floor insulation

Where do you turn for expertise when you’re an expert? Michelle Samuels, a southern Louisiana real estate agent, had done her research on just that topic. An expert in what makes a home not only livable but sale-able, Michelle wanted to air seal and insulate her own Covington cottage, but she knew that hiring the wrong contractors could do more than end in dissatisfaction. It could actually cause damage to her home, lowering its value.

Her spacious attic was uninsulated and the underside of her sub-flooring was also unprotected. During extreme temperatures, these neglected surfaces contributed dramatically to heating and cooling costs.

Cold from the damp ground beneath the house penetrated through the floorboards during the chilly winter months, creating drafts and icy feet, and heat was able to escape through the attic, forcing Michelle’s heating unit to strain to maintain consistent temperatures.

A Louisiana real estate expert in need of expert insulation contractors

Though she had another contractor in mind for the job, after several conversations with Corey Yates of Sunlight Contractors, LLC, Michelle decided to consider the company’s bid. She was impressed with the price Corey offered as well as the company’s many energy- and construction-related accreditations, and so the crew moved quickly to get Michelle’s home sealed up tight.

The Sunlight Contractors, LLC crew began by installing cellulose insulation in Michelle’s attic. Blown in cellulose insulation is composed of recycled newspapers and boxes which are broken down during the manufacturing process. Our contractors used a high power insulation blower to distribute the cellulose fibers evenly throughout the attic.

Due to the insulation’s unique granular texture, it can be packed densely into almost any shaped space, providing consistent coverage. Corey made sure that the coverage extended around pipes, ductwork, and other obstacles, guaranteeing that  Michelle’s attic was evenly and thoroughly insulated.

After the attic was completed, the team moved beneath the cottage to seal up the crawl space using closed cell spray foam insulation. After securing the spray zone with cautionary signs to prevent anyone from accidentally walking through the spray foam before it had cured, Corey and his crew of SPFA-certified spray foam installers equipped themselves with their personal protective equipment. While spray foam is proven safe after it has cured, it can cause breathing problems if inhaled during the spraying process, which is why Sunlight Contractors, LLC maintains safe practices.

The crew applied the two pound closed cell spray foam to the underside of Michelle’s sub-flooring via heated hoses and specialty spray foam guns. Though spray foam is emitted in the form of a liquid, it cures in a matter of minutes, creating a monolithic seal against moisture and energy loss.

Huge savings and a huge thank you

The cellulose insulation, which is chemically treated to ensure fire-resistance as well as resistance to insects and molds, will save Michelle between 20 and 50 percent on her utility bills. The closed cell insulation beneath her home will increase savings and energy efficiency even more as it repels moisture and thwarts moisture-related problems like mildew and termite infestations.

Michelle was so pleased with the results and with our professionalism that she immediately sent us out to insulate a Metairie home that she has on the market. While on site, Corey, who is a master plumber, spent several hours speaking with a potential buyer about the home’s insulation, plumbing, and construction. The prospective buyer was so excited after speaking with Corey, that he decided to purchase the home from Michelle.

What does Michelle have to say about Corey and his team at Sunlight Contractors, LLC?

“Ira and Corey were both wonderful to deal with. It was nice to be able to finally deal with a company that has great prices AND shows up when they say they are going to. I will use them in the future!”

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